Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Playing on a dreich Wednesday

I've got a few days off work at the moment. The weather precluded any thoughts of gardening today, so I spent a bit of time playing this morning. I came across a definition of play recently:

"guilt-free purposeless-ness"

Well I'm pretty good at the guilt-free part, but I usually like to have some sense of purpose. This morning I was trying to learn a bit more about the software that I use to organise and edit my photos. I reckon that I knew how to use about 0.0038% of the functionality of the product. After this morning that has leapt to an impressive 0.0038127%. Awesome - or what??

Anyway, I managed to learn how to create panoramas by stitching/ blending photos together - the clever stuff is done automatically by the software. The attempt below is a view over Loch Leven (the one in Kinross-shire) from the top of Vane Hill. It was a useful reminder of a nice walk with the Fish Wife on Monday of this week - and the fact that it doesn't always rain here!

1 comment:

That Hideous Man said...

while the latest update to windoze has made my computer unable to talk to my camera.......!

Good stitching by the way, Loch Leven is a lovely place where I might have taken my three today - were it not so dreich