Thursday, 23 October 2008

Celebrating "fall"

It's been a wild and wonderful day here with the first autumnal gales. Wonderful in terms of the power of the wind, and as I sat in my car before going into a meeting today I watched the clouds racing across the sky, then I noticed a few spots of blue sky, and for a few seconds the sun broke right through in all its dazzling glory. It was also fantastic to see the trees on the way home tonight blazing with autumn colour in what is apparently one of the best displays for many years.
All of which leads me to another Boston reflection. It seems to me that they take their 'fall' celebrations very seriously - or rather energetically. I might have some misgivings about the Halloween associations, but there is a real feeling of entering into the spirit of the season as we wandered around - even the withces hats hanging in the beautiful courtyard of Boston Public Library.
No more words - the pictures will tell the story more eloquently.

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