Friday, 24 July 2009

Does anyone recognise this man?

I came across this video from TED last night (it runs for about 16 minutes).  I almost didn't watch it, given my feelings about politics in this country at the moment.  However, I'm glad that I did.

While I recognise that the speech and appearance was no doubt carefully scripted/choreographed (although someone needs to teach him how to knot his tie!), there is a confidence and vitality about his delivery.  This got me thinking... if the difference is that Gordon Brown is speaking authentically about something that his is passionate about, why don't we see this side of him more often?

But also, for the rest of us, how much vitality do we bring to our day-to-day work, and how much more do we bring to the tasks that excite and inspire us?  And, what can I do as a manager to help staff bring their "A" game to the for?

In the meantime, can we please see more of this side of our undoubtedly talented but flawed PM please?


Tess said...

Wow, no I wouldn't have bothered to watch it, but what a revelation. Although as you say carefully scripted, this was far more authentic than Tony Blair's hammy performances. I could almost remember listening to this that Labour was a socialist party.

You're right to question what we ourselves bring to our days. I think we can even bring a different attitude to the tasks that are not exciting, and that will lead to what is more inspiring.

His Girl Friday said...

Carefully scripted and well spoken. We as a world do share much, and all influence the whole (speaking in general). However, I can't help but cringe with the reference to the whole one world thing, with reference to who will be in charge, and what control will they yield.

That Hideous Man said...

The clip is indeed a revelation on a personal level, and some of the stories he tells are a compelling as they are heartbreaking. Whether a series of global institutions are the answer or not, is quite another question.

That there are other solutions is demonstrated here:

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