Thursday, 22 November 2007

It cracks me up - but is it art?

While in London we made our customary trip to the Tate Modern. It’s always been worthwhile – and there’s quite a good restaurant too (although we know another place near by if you’re interested).

This time we knew what was going to be in the turbine hall, having read about it in several papers. Basically it’s a crack in the floor – really!

When we entered the gallery I wasn’t very impressed. We were looking at it from above and it looked just like a … crack. However, when we went down to floor level, I found it strangely captivating, and my attitude towards it changed. It was compelling and seemed to draw you in to the chasm – to poke and to probe.

The work is called Shibboleth, but I think it would have more resonance if it was re-named “Well, I drapped a shilling!”

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His Girl Friday said...

I wouldn't say it's quite 'art', but it is very creative and unique!! Thanks for sharing the photo! :)