Sunday, 25 November 2007

What a wonderful world

Today's thoughts were prompted by His Girl Friday's entry "Play me the blues".

In his day my dad played trumpet and clarinet in various dance bands and orchestras (he's no longer able to blow his horn). Actually, I blame/thank him for my diverse musical interests. One of my dad's favourites was Louis Armstrong, and I think that "What a wonderful world" is an iconic piece of Satchmo. I also love his version of Summertime (probably my favourite song of all time) with Ella Fitzgerald.

As readers of this blog will know, my musical taste is diverse (see above) and I'm also partial to Joey Ramone's version of 'wonderful world'. Which do you prefer?

Question is - can I pass on my musical inheritance to Dolly D? Might be a challenge - although she does share some of my taste - particularly the more anarchic element.

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His Girl Friday said...

Well, the Ramones have a lot of energy with it...but Satchmo hands down has the 'feel' of the song! :)

I understand about the diverse music, as well (and I have two who are teens! :/ :D)