Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I believe that the word that I've used as a title means "slowly" in Welsh. Years ago we were at Spring Harvest in Pwhelli and the guy who was in charge the activities for Dolly D's age group used this word to try to maintain a semblance of order. It sounded like "linky lonky" and really captured the imagination of the kids (well, for a while anyway!).

So what's the significance today? Well, I've been thinking and reading quite a bit lately about needing to slow down. It's ironic that since I started my other blog on 'developing daily disciplines', things have gone to pieces around here. Not from a lack of discipline per se, but a combination of having two of my sister's teenage children here for a week; swapping Dolly D's bedroom and our study; and some wet weather meaning that the garden has gone nuts - along with the usual chaos and mayhem that we call everyday life!

But rather than get uptight about it, I'm adopting 'linky lonky' as my catchphrase for the next few weeks. I'm going to slow down - which may mean even more inconsistent blogging and replying than usual. So be it.

I'm going to slow down:
- to listen to God;
- to do things thoroughly;
- to see what is important;
- to reflect on and apply the things that I learn/read;
- to choose wisely;
- to laugh and to love;
- to focus on the positive;
- to be balanced and proportionate;
- to rest, relax and re-create;
- to be me.

Those sound like 10 pretty good reasons to me. In fact, if I like it, I may never speed up again.


George said...

Came across your blog and thought you might like the book I've just finished reading: 'Do nothing to change your life' by Stephen Cottrell, www.chpublishing.co.uk/feature.asp?id=2393543.

I picked it up at Spring Harvest as it caught my eye and flicking through it struck a chord that we need to slow down or even stop if we're to hear God or to nurture our native creativity. I found it really helpful and I'm passing it round my friends now I've finished!

That Hideous Man said...

The chaos of three kids in the house..... ah that has a ring of familiarity to it

Endlessly restless said...

Hi George - welcome. I read Cottrell's book last year and commented on it a bit here (about November). I'm just a bit slow at applying things sometimes!

Hi Hideous - we have a mutual friend who says that you're not a proper parent until you've got at least three children. I'm blissfully happy as an improper parent!!