Monday, 10 November 2008

Now hear this - or read it if you prefer

I came across this article today, which is interesting in some ways. Judges (certainly in this country) seem to have a habit of offering opinions without any evidence to back it up - beyond their own opinions. A bit like bloggers really!!

I wonder if the real issue isn't the difference between listening and reading, but instead is related to our concentration spans. We have become used to sound bites and quick summaries, and perhaps have lost the capacity to focus on anything for more than a few minutes.

I know that I've lost my ability to concentrate for any period of time, and now plan my work and other activities in half-hour slots to try to deal with this.

I also have a theory about the way that we should write for computer-based texts, but I'll keep that for another time.


Fish Wife's Tales said...

Well, I tried this and scored the same in both tests after listening and reading the text. But I know I was listening more carefully because I knew there were questions at the end!

Interestingly, listening seemed to take much longer than reading.

I know I can't concentrate on anything for long: I find it easy to get distracted so I might try the half hour slot approach.

lucy said...

as one who is in the "listening" business, i at least schedule my time in 50 minute increments :-)

it is much easier to listen when i am engaged in the topic. interesting theories!