Sunday, 23 November 2008

One degree of change

If anyone is still keeping an eye on this blog, you must have noticed a bit of a gap between entries.

The thing is that I've gathered piles and piles of material relating to daily disciplines and practices, but I didn't want to start posting here until I had organised it thematically with at least an inkling of the order that I would use for the first few entries. Well, surprisingly, the pile has grown and is more disorganised than ever.

How can this be?

Well, one of the disciplines that I need to develop is organising! And another is to stop procrastinating.

So I'm going to post here more consistently - it might be a bit random and disorganised, but maybe as I start to work through the material things will become a bit clearer. If not, I might have a bit of fun along the way. And, at the very least, I'll manage to get rid of some of the paper that's piling up in the study!

It's one degree of change - a small shift which might lead to big results.

1 comment:

lucy said...

life (things) often have to get messier before they can get cleaned up :-) good luck!