Sunday, 25 January 2009

Changed forever

It’s been a weekend of parties and guests for us. Dolly D celebrated her 16th birthday on Thursday, so we had the inevitable invasion of relatives. Actually we had a good time and things went smoothly (but don’t tell them that or they might want to come again!)

Every year at this time I recall the events of 22 January 1993, at least the first few hours of it. There was a specific moment when I knew that my life had changed for ever. The Fish Wife and I were in the delivery room and the monitors were showing a lot of fluctuation in our unborn baby’s heart rate. At one point during the long wait – at 3:30 a.m. - I realised that we were about to become completely responsible for a new life. This baby would depend on us totally.

In that instant, I felt a strange mix of emotions – I was worried and happy, expectant and apprehensive. Those emotions have remained present through the last 16 years, and I imagine that they’ll continue for many years to come.

We’re very proud of the young woman that she is becoming, and we hope and pray that her growth will continue.

(In a strange and amazing coincidence, one of my blogging mates’ daughter was born on the same day! How weird and cool is that?)


lucy said...

congratulations! you have named the emotions of parenting quite well. i can't recall was "terror" on the list? i, too, am the parent of a 16 year old girl...breathe. just breathe.

nonprofitprophet said...

yes we do have that in common don't we ER. Very cool. Cool indeed. ~npp

His Girl Friday said...

nicely said, ER. They do grow up so fast. And, I'm counting all the grey hairs they've given me!! ;D