Sunday, 8 February 2009


Inspiration is wonderful when it happens, but the writer must develop an approach for the rest of the time... The wait is simply too long.
- Leonard Bernstein

Inspiration seems to have deserted me lately - at least in relation to blogging. I seem to recall Lins posting something about Paul Simon saying that you should just keep writing, no matter how much rubbish you produced. I don't think that I'll adopt that approach, but maybe a few more entries wouldn't go amiss - even if they aren't works of genius!!


Tess Giles said...

Know the feeling!

lucy said...

this is an inspiring little piece on inspiration :-) julia cameron of the artist's way says just keep showing up at the page!

Lins said...

May your Bridge Over Troubled Water just be around the corner!

Got alot out of this morning's sermon. Very apt in these times. Thanks - it gave alot of clarity.

KJ said...

HI!! I can totally relate. Thanks for voicing your struggles. I should take a lesson and keep trying to push through my own blocks.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi ER,

Know the feeling as well. Not the reason for my blog-break, though. See how long it lasted?? :/ :)

Just had to pop by to say it's back to work! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great Quote! and thought provoking post - glad to be back connected!

I kind of agree with Paul Simon - tho' you don't have to necessarily expose the mediocre stuff to others! Not that anything he did was mediocre, but some was just not brilliant!

But then again, how do we know what we do is mediocre? Some of the things I've done I've not been happy with, and yet they seem to have been helpful to others. Other things I'm kind of proud of just seem to miss the mark. Go figure!

I've begun to take the risk a little more in blogging. Not trying to make it perfect, but 'good enough'. And the other good thing about blogging is it forces one to be simple - one topic, one point, one theme. Not easy tho!

I'm also using MacJournal - a very cool journalling programme for Mac - to capture thoughts to come back to...

Looking forward to some more of your 'rubbish'!!


Endlessly restless said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Just keep showing up, publish rubbish etc. Based my entry today - I think part of what was missing was my enthusiasm. Now having recognised it, I need to do something about it!