Saturday, 28 March 2009

A conversation with myself?

Sometimes I wonder why I keep this blog. What purpose does it serve? Will I ever refer back to the entries? How will I retrieve the thoughts and notes etc that appear here? Will anyone else find value in it?

But maybe that's to look at it from a logical, process-driven perspective.

What if I free up my thinking and just enjoy using it? It might help me to keep thinking, observing and reflecting; joining up dots; simply noting and plotting some dots etc, etc.

Maybe I'll refer back to it; maybe I'll record some thoughts systematically; maybe I won't!

And I'd like to be more CREATIve here - express myself more. If it's for my use and pleasure then it doesn't have to be perfectly punctuated, or even written in sentences. Some entries might only make sense to me... but so what?


lucy said...

i have definitely had that conversation with myself!! love the last line, "Some entries might only make sense to me... but so what?"

That Hideous Man said...

Creativity is inherently a good thing in as much as it is one of those evidences of the 'imago dei' which can be so beautifully redeemed.

As a result some people will sing, others paint, others compose, others write, others take photos, others sew,.. one or two odd cases might even blog ;-)

None of us will do these things perfectly wonderfully, divinely or without flaws. To be sure we are not God - only images of Him, and fallen far from that perfect start.

Nevertheless, as Christ redeems us and we sense His restorative presence at work within us we have a creative mandate. This is to express this element of our God-given humanity as fully, and in as God-honouring and life-giving ways, as the capacity to create He has instilled within us.

Some may be given the gifts to write novels that resonate with thousands, others concertos that move huge crowds. A child might put a painting on the fridge door. Our capacity does not matter, the extent to which we use it to reflect the image of the creating God does.

A 'small blog', containing even the sometimes obscure, might be an important thing!

Endlessly restless said...

Lucy, Hideous

Thanks for the comments.

I guess that I've been guilty of over-thinking the blogging thing lately. I'll try to go with the flow of it for a wee while and see what happens!