Sunday, 26 April 2009

A ray from on high

To see this world a person needs more than eyes.

"You need a certain dose of inspiration, a ray from on high, that is not in ourselves, in order to do beautiful things."
Vincent van Gogh


lucy said...

absolutely wonderful visual and words...more than eyes :-)

His Girl Friday said...

the photo is neat, and the quote.

I've just heard a song called "Listen"...will find it again and share; it was along the same lines as 'more than eyes'. :)

lucy said...

HGF--is the song by the kennedys? it's one of my new favorites :-)

His Girl Friday said...

They may have a version, will have to check. Meanwhile, this is the version that I heard, by Christy Moore,

Danny said...

Just linked here from Lucy's blog... have enjoyed reading and will most likely pinch this quote :-)

And when I lack inspiration I will return for the quote on inspiration from your earlier post!