Monday, 4 May 2009

Surprising service

This weekend I had to renew the anti-virus software for my P.C. The online subscription renewal was dearer than buying the latest version of the software (which included the annual subscription). So I went off to PC World, credit card in hand, knowing that I would hate the experience - I always do! My mood was not greatly helped by the pricing policy in the shop - they don't show the prices, so you have to ask for assistance even when you know what you want.

After a remarkably short period of time a member of staff approached me and asked if he could help. I asked him to clarify the price of the two products that I was choosing between. He gave me a rough indication, but said he would go and double-check, but added that there were a couple of other options that I might like to consider. My heart sank. I really didn't want to spend any more of my Saturday morning listening to a lengthy sales pitch about fancy and expensive features which I would never use.

He duly returned, told me the prices and said that he used another package which was very good, but slightly dearer. No gobblydegook, no whistles and bells, no sales pitch. As I had been using the package that he had priced for me for several years, he recommended that I stick with that. He was polite, efficient and very pleasant. He took me to the sales till (I assume that they are paid by commission to some extent) and wished me a good day.

As I walked to the car I thought about how helpful he had been, and how the experience hadn't been the horrid drudgery that I'd anticipated. I put the software into the car and went back in to the shop to find him and thank him properly - not just in the automatically polite way that I tend to in shops. Chris (that was his name) told me that he had just started in this particular shop. I hope he's still there the next time that I need to visit. I will make a point of finding him - even if I have to wait a bit longer - and I probably won't have the same sense of foreboding as I drive down to the retail park!


His Girl Friday said...

I'm so glad you went back to give him that positive comment/affirmation. That really can have such an uplifting effect for people. I think sometimes we underestimate the 'good' that we can do, even with the small things. :)

Endlessly restless said...


You're absolutely right - I figure that if I'm prepared to moan about bad service, then I ought to be consistent and comment on the good as well.