Monday, 1 June 2009

Low tide

We visited the in-laws at the weekend. When we arrived I popped down to the harbour to take some photos. I was surprised to see the skeleton of 'Miller's' boat shed. I knew that they had ceased trading some time ago, but the removal was unexpected.

When I went back up to the house, we had a chat about it, and it was clear that Fish Granny and Granda had quite deep emotions about the loss of this building. Fish Granda started to work there when he left school, and the boat building business was able to thrive when the fishing industry was more vibrant in that part of the world.

On reflection, I understand the poignancy associated with the loss of this building that in many ways has served to symbolise the traditions of the village.

Some people are happy to see it removed - it will improve their outlook - and realistically no-one would want the building to fall into disrepair or become an eyesore.

All of this got me thinking about what things - places, people, memories - am I emotionally attached to and unwilling to let go. Probably, more than I care to admit!


His Girl Friday said...

so very true with things. Especially as I'm an antique lover, and have plenty of family hand-me-downs. I wonder if I could give them up if God called us to scale down. :/
(I suppose long-term storage would be an acceptable compromise?)

the temporal can have quite a hold on us.

Anonymous said...

one would hope some property developer will not muscle into this historical site.seen a few launched here

Tess said...

I have such strong memories of buildings that were important to me in my life. I often dream about them. It's as if they actually still exist, even if the physical building is long gone.