Monday, 8 June 2009

Making sense of election results

... I can't (make sense of election results that is!)

We voted in the European Parliamentary Elections on Thursday, with the results announced today. Well, I say we voted - actually less than 30% of the electorate voted in Scotland. I should know better, but I still find this shocking. The turnout in elections here is dismal, with the European elections typically very low. Why do people choose not to vote?

Equally shocking is the election of two MEPs from the British National Party. I find their far-right policies repugnant, and their tactics dubious. I feel offended and embarrased that they were elected from my country. Yet, if people turn out to vote for them, can I really complain?

I can't have it both ways.

So will this shock people into casting their votes the next time around, to ensure that dodgy fringe parties are not elected - I doubt it very much. And maybe that's the greatest tragedy of all, that we seem to no longer care who represents us.

I can't make any sense of that!


His Girl Friday said...

I sympathise here. I've just learned that the state of Texas has only part time legislators. they've just cut taxes, balanced their budget, and have a surplus.....hhmmmm, how does that song go....'Amarillo by morning...' We so want out of crazy Calif. but not for a few more years.

as to voter turnout. It's low here too. i wonder if it's too busy or too apathetic. Neither is an adequate reason. :(

nonprofitprophet said...

frustrating isn't it. we gripe about our gov't, but we get what we vote for. ~npp

nonprofitprophet said...

Its that way everywhere ER. Whichever party is in power the other side wonders how they got elected. and His Girl Friday - I am in Texas, and here we are glad are legislators are part-time, can you imagine the mess they could create on a full-time basis! ;

His Girl Friday said...

I think they should all be made to earn a living in the private sector, and no special goodies with health and retirement benefits. And while I'm still wishing....

seriously, i do hear Texas spoken of in a better light than other places, though I'm sure they're not perfect either. Power corrupts etc, and the good ole boys on either side of the leaning don't want their goodies taken away. Sad.

ya gonna post again soon, or are ya having too much outdoor summer fun???!!! ;)