Friday, 18 December 2009

Now it feels like Christmas

Two reasons for the change of mood: 
1 - the wonderful school Christmas Concert on Wednesday, and 
2 - the change in weather with the first real snow and serious frost arriving.

(The view is from my office yesterday.)


That Hideous Man said...

Yes it's definitely arrived, - school Christmas service with the kids this morning was great, when we came home we even put up the tree!

- which hills can you see from the office?

Endlessly restless said...


I'm not entirely sure about the hills (I don't routinely take map and compass to work).

However, they are at the foot of Glen Clove, east of Loch Brandy - so could be Auld Darkney, Hill of Glansie, Pinderachy.

lucy said...

beautiful shot! merry christmas!!