Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Epiphany thoughts

Maggi Dawn wrote:

"Epiphany is not only the climax of the Christmas story, it’s also the marker of the return to everyday life – being faithful to the vision even though the stars and angels are nothing more than a distant memory."

... which got me thinking that, maybe the only time of year when we collectively (as a society) enter a reflective mood is over the New Year period.  It's surely not a coincidence that this is the time when people make resolutions to change this, that, or the other aspect of their life.  Then, when we get back to "everyday life", the life expectancy of our resolutions and our reflections drops dramatically.  In our busy-ness, we forget so easily, become pre-occupied, or fall back into old habits.

... which got me thinking - when will I next take the time to do a bit of reflecting and reviewing?  How will I build this important activity in to my "everyday life".  Or will my ponderings just melt away - like "snaw aff a dyke" (though not this winter!)

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