Monday, 4 January 2010

The importance of purpose

This is an extract from an entry over at Kevin Eikenberry’s blog:

“It seems like Kevin talks about “why” a lot; he talks about the importance of purpose – both looking backwards and forward.”

This struck a chord with me. It seems that in some settings – work, church – people can get a bit nervous or, even, defensive when I talk about vision. Maybe there’s too much association with snappy (or not-so-snappy) slogans.

But the key to planning, and therefore reviewing, any organization or task must relate to its purpose. So maybe I need to focus more on telling the story of ‘why’, or asking the questions that help us all understand ‘why’; rather than trying to convince people of the need for a coherent vision.

Certainly at work, as I continue to adapt to a new role in what we hope will be a new culture, I need to focus on “the importance of purpose”; to deal with “why” more than “how”; to do the thinking and the communicating rather than (micro)managing tasks.

Like all changes, this won’t be easy. But it should make a significant difference, and it will help me to look at things positively, instead of moaning about other people ‘not getting it’.

It’s not exactly a New Year’s Resolution, but I’m happy to be held accountable for my performance as the year progresses.

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His Girl Friday said...

I wonder if sometimes people are intimidated by 'vision', or just really can't see the bigger picture. I'm taking a team building class this semester; motivation, leadership, instilling purpose in what you've just mentioned... ;)
(you and my husband would be fun to get together for a chat!! ;D)

ps. I've noticed you've added your name...are you and yours on facebook by chance? would love to 'hook' our families up, if so. :)
(my email is on my blog info, for privacy sakes)