Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Living Intentionally

I’ve just finished reading Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”. It was a wee bit of a ‘slow burner’ - that is, I nearly gave up on it. But I’m glad that I didn’t for three reasons.

Firstly, I enjoyed the book - it really picked up after the first third (or thereabouts).

Secondly, Miller promotes an approach to life which he describes as:
a life designed and lived with intention.
In my mind, I’ve translated that to ‘living intentionally’. The recent entries in my journal are littered with this phrase, as I realise that I’ve lost my focus on priorities (see yesterday’s entry). I’m sure that it’s a phrase I’ll use liberally in the next few days/ weeks as I seek to rebalance my life.

Thirdly, he describes very poignantly the death of a friend's wife, which he labels as ‘The Beauty of a Tragedy’. This part of the story was written beautifully and with great sensitivity... but more than that, it seemed to echo what my boss (and friend) was going through as his wife succumbed to cancer. Her funeral was today, and there was beauty in their tragedy - the obvious love shared within the family; the support of many friends; the strength of my boss and the girls. Their pain was self-evident today, but it was outshone by their love and their strength.

My thoughts and prayers and admiration are with my friend and his family tonight - may they continue to care for each other, as their pain slowly heals.

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