Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Stop! In the name of love

I’ve had this song in my head for a large chunk of today… since I read this blog entry from Michael Hyatt.
The connection?
Michael Hyatt’s entry describes how I’ve been feeling for a few weeks now – amongst other indicators is the sporadic nature of entries here. As I was reading his thoughts, and diagnosis, I came to the conclusion that the only sensible, possibly the only viable, option for me is to stop, take stock and regain a sense of control and composure; to think through my priorities; and to recover my daily disciplines.
In essence I need to step back to go forward. I need to do it for myself and for those that I love – hence the song title bobbing around in my head.
And if you haven’t given up reading already, you get the bonus of reaching the bit where a video of The Supremes singing the song is embedded.
If you have given up already (aye, I know it disnae make sense!), maybe you should check out Seth Godin’s offering for today.

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