Tuesday, 3 July 2007

In ma heid

Tough day today – bunch of eejits in corporate departments seemed to be competing to see who could be most annoying; most obstructive and least focussed on customers. Just as I was working up a right good heid o’ steam for a full-on stooshie, one of my colleagues phoned to ask me to help her with a problem. Didn’t she know that I had my hands full whingeing aboot other numpties. I didn’t have time to deal with her silly, wee … haud on a meenit!!

What did Burns say?

“O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
Tae see ourselves as ithers see us.

Needless to say the numpties can wait and I did solve her problem (a bit!)

So why all the Scots stuff? Because I’m Scottish! And I’ve been thinking about it.

I was horrified recently by my 14 year-old daughter’s complete ignorance of so many words that I use frequently. Apart from the gaps in her knowledge – it means that she’s been ignoring a great deal of what I’ve been saying for 14 years!

More seriously, I find that my natural language is so much more expressive than mainstream English – and despite the impression created by Billy Connolly inter alia, it doesn’t need to be punctuated with swear words to be evocative.

So I’m going to start to introduce some of my favourite Scots words to this blog. Not as a regular “word of the week” commitment, but just as the fancy takes me. (There are online dictionaries to assist the confused and perplexed.)

Finally, I came across some material at work today about a conference on children and young people’s mental health – called “In ma heid”. One of the key messages seems an appropriate way to conclude this posting.

“Don’t judge me cos of what’s in my heid.”

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