Monday, 9 July 2007

Jesus rocks ...

“Our great problem is the problem of trafficking in unlived truth.”

In church yesterday, the sermon was based on John 3:16. It occurred to me that there is great significance in the context of this well-known passage. It’s Jesus response to Nicodemus’ night time visit. Jesus comments would have rocked Nicodemus’ world- not just the stuff about being ‘born again’, but also the inclusive nature of Jesus’ words. Look closely – everyone, whoever, the world. Not just the Jews then!

In Power & Passion, Samuel Wells comments:

“This is the first of two opportunities Nicodemus is given to choose between worldly respect, influence and power on the one hand and true discipleship on the other.”

I find myself wondering if the church needs to experience a Nicodemus moment – rocked by Jesus words, and facing the choice that Nicodemus was left with.

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