Saturday, 2 February 2008

Praying in color

I stumbled across a review for a book the other day, which seemed to be a fantastic concept - Praying in Color. I can't talk about the book (yet), but I found the website to be inspirational, and have been dabbling in the idea in recent days (see doodles below).

So far, I have found that the process of doodling had reinforced the prayer topic. Also, the image has tended to stick with me through the day - thereby increasing my prayer activity. It's also an approach to prayer that isn't focussed too much on the words (which can often be feeble), but more on thinking through a few words. It's early days, but it seems to be working for me!

It's also brought my journal to life with colour - which I like!


His Girl Friday said...

I think the importance here is that you are linking thought with emotion.
I liked what you put in one of your pictures...'to see as God sees'. Wow, that could be a post unto itself!

lucy said...

i love what you are doing here!!

His Girl Friday said...

Hi ER,
well, I worked on translating, but not sure on a few words...

May the best ye've ever seen
Be the worst ye'll ever see
May a moose ne'er leave yer girnal
Wi' a tear drap in his e'e
...may a mouse never leave your griddle/pan, with a tear drop in his eye,
(as in may you always have food)?

May ye aye keep hale an' he'rty
Till ye're auld eneuch tae dee
..till you're old enough to die

May ye aye be jist as happy
As we wish ye aye tae be

It's a great poem/toast....and wishing you the same here coming up...but the question is, will a cousin or such come out with one of 'those photos'??? ;D
My friend (from Fife, my but they seem direct!)...said, 'my a handsome couple despite the jumblesale look)
....I'm so glad I've learned to laugh at myself!! ;)