Monday, 25 February 2008

The sacramental path

The Pathways of prayer course has moved on to the sacramental path this week - the idea being that we should consciously meet with God, but also recognise his presence all around us.

Coincidentally, I was reading 1 Cornithians 13 today and it struck me that through regular, instinctive, habitual meeting with God we should be slowly transformed. This will involve growing, learning and un-learning, because as we get to know God better, we will (in a limited way) begin to see ourselves from his perspective. Of course we need to be willing to change, to bend and to be re-shaped.

Heschel puts it better than me:

"Stirred by a yearning after the unattainable, a pious man is not content with being confined to what he is."

And my pathways of prayer doodle has moved on a bit!


Talking Bear said...

I really like this post. The quote is spot one! It is the willingness to see ourselves through God's eyes that creates such transformation. To see our sin, failure, weakness and yet accept ourselfe, as God does, takes a mountian of bending, I think.

We need to be big enough to know how small we are.

That Hideous Man said...

Yes - it's a great quote isn't it!

lucy said...

great post. i like your thinking and how you've brought the different quotes together. i think maybe i need to explore heschel a bit more.

His Girl Friday said...

great post, ER!