Monday, 18 February 2008

stop and think

Two quotations from the same sermon made me stop and think. The preacher was called Jim Roberts, speaking at St Michael le Belfrey in York (podcasts available through iTunes).

"We are all the best Christian somebody knows... because we are the only Christian somebody knows!"

"We get persecuted for the message of Christianity, not for being stupid! There is a world of difference, although some Christians don't realise that."

Now put them together... Hmmm!?!


lucy said...

i am not sure whether to laugh or cry as i read this. hmmmm is right. maybe i need to stop and think a bit more...

That Hideous Man said...

I think it was Clive Calver who once made the similar point that "the Bible may commend to us the 'foolishness of preaching', but we dare not confuse this with the 'foolishness of preachers' !