Monday, 18 June 2007

Incurable learners

"The best leaders I know are incurable learners."
-Bill Hybels

I came across this thought recently, as I entered the world of podcasts (more of that in another posting). It reminded me of some stuff that I read shortly after I started my quill and papyrus journal. I had just started a postgraduate diploma looking at public service leadership,and was looking at a variety of material around reflection and growth, and found this:

“… leaders must be learners. Not occasional, part time learners but determined and relentless learners.”
- Andrew Price

But learning in a complex world with masses of information available is not straightforward. we need to be able to sift to get rid of the inconsequential garbage and reflect on the more significant stuff that remains. Reflection involves a variety of activities - again scope for future postings - including making connections and seeing things BIG. I think that these issues apply in many (all?) settings that we find ourselves in. There's lots more to flow from this.

In the meantime any thoughts would be appreciated - if there's anyone out there in cyberspace.

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