Wednesday, 27 June 2007

... and it's over to you Gordon

"Now is the time"
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we have a new Prime Minister. What should we expect? Lots of humility and sincerity, and talk of talent and co-operation - for a while anyway.

After the last disappointment I'm not terribly optimistic (remember "Things can only get better"?) But we'll give the new boy a chance.

I was heartened to read in the FT (online version), on the day he was elected leader of the Labour Party:

Mr Brown said he wanted to align “aid, debt relief and trade policies to wage an unremitting battle against poverty”. Close allies said this meant there would be far more co-ordination of trade policy across government to raise the profile of the issue.

Well, we'll be watching to see if you live up to it Gordon. Please don't disappoint us. As you said yourself:
"And now let the work of change begin."

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