Sunday, 14 October 2007

Breamish Valley

We've been going to this place for thirteen years now - at different times of the year - and it's always beautiful. We always come back relaxed and refreshed - a kind of annual sabbatical. I don't get commission from the Northumberland Tourist Board, but I've recommended it to so many people that it would have been very lucrative!

The cottages where we stay are superb, well equipped and with leisure facilities etc. as part of the package. The owner is selling off some of the properties, so we'll need to see whether this changes anything about the place.

The photograph is the sun setting behind the Cheviot Hills - spotted as we were eating our evening meal, so I scurried out to grab a few shots as the light faded. The sheep thought it was very strange (for about 3 seconds).


That Hideous Man said...

Your other (better?)half recommended it to us a while ago. It must be good because every time we've tried to go there it's been fully booked!

His Girl Friday said...

you gentlemen with your photos are making me want to come back over for a visit!! :)