Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Trafficking #2

We’ve just become aware of the BMS ‘In Transit’ campaign. It’s about human trafficking, but is aimed specifically at trafficking from Albania, where it is a prevalent practice. This strikes a chord with me because our link missionaries and friends are working there, and told about some of the issues. When they first went to Albania they were based in a coastal town, and in the evening fast boats would come in to take away the human cargo – usually women and girls.

I like the way that BMS are approaching this campaign. They are asking individuals to sign postcards (it’s not too late – you can send an e-card), which states:

  • Personal opposition to trafficking;
  • Supports the Christians in Albania who are tackling this issue; and
  • Requests that the Albanian Evangelical Alliance is invited to join the Albanian government’s anti-trafficking committee.

This seems to me to be a positive and constructive approach, as opposed to soapbox campaigning.

Obviously there are issues for us all to face up to and tackling it at source is important. To put this into perspective (for me), Dolly D would be a prime candidate for this appalling activity if we were Albanian.

There is also a need to tackle the end users – and it’s chilling to think that it’s men like me that are abusing these women. I mean, relatively rich Westerners with disposable income. Clearly there’s a role in this arena for the church in this country as well!


His Girl Friday said...

Reading this article gave me a chill! My oldest daughter is also a prime candidate! :/ Are the girls/women removed from their homes by force?? And if so, is there no way to physically confront the abductors, (by police, governmt, local militia)...or are the powers that be somehow indirectly profiting? (sad, but true, with corruption)

Endlessly restless said...

I guess that the truth is more complicated than I can capture in a brief blog. There are elements of the trafficking that are both 'cock up and conspiracy'. Sometimes parents are convinced that a better life lies over the water; sometimes officials turn a blind eye or are too scared to intervene. Of course, none of this excuses inaction on our part - if we don't encourage and support change this evil will continue unchecked.

His Girl Friday said...

I've just returned from a busy 12 hr shift so forgive me for being brief/un-indepth, as I'm feeling a bit cross eyed.
This is definitely such a terrible thing. the only thing i can think of, is to educate the parents, and to continue to apply diplomatic pressure on the government there, and also on the receiving end (as well as persecution of the 'johns'...sorry for the crude reference).
I think i understand the gist, and I'm thankful to organisations, esp Christian ones, for taking a stand.