Thursday, 25 October 2007

Hey Ho Let's Go

Something a bit lighter after yesterday’s entry.

There’s something about my age – a mixture of dangerous nostalgia, searching for lost youth (I like to think of it as disappearing rather than completely lost!), and a modicum of disposable cash.

On one of our shopping trips to Newcastle a couple of weeks ago, I wandered into the Virgin Megastore to have a look at CD’s – OK I was never going to just look. Anyway they were selling some CDs at 2 for £10. Well, I had a tenner in my pocket – so how could I resist?

After a brief glance at the selection I knew that choice would be a problem. So many albums that I wouldn’t have dreamt of buying when they were first released, but now …. Well, I went for a safe choice - Who’s Next by The Who. It contained a handful of classics – Baba O’Riley; Behind Blue Eyes (my favourite Who song) and some previously un-released material. As soon as I listened to it I understood why it hadn’t been released before!

My other choice was a bit less safe… But it was 57 tracks for a fiver!! I mean you don’t get better value than that. Yes, I chose The Ramones Anthology!! And it’s great. More diverse than I remembered (no, really). It’s just perfect music for the gym - although the idiotic grin on my face seems to alarm people.

What can I say? Hey ho, Let’s GO!

(OK HTM, I know that it’s payback time - bring it on!)


Lins Honeyman said...

Loved their version of "What A Wonderful World". Not sure about "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" though!

It's strange the way they looked liked the respectable ones when they had their ill-fated episode with Phil Spector!

That Hideous Man said...

Far be it from me to criticise anyone else's taste in music!

"Alarmed by your idiotic grin"!?!? This is the first thing I have ever read that has made me contemplate going to a gym.