Thursday, 1 May 2008

After housegroup

So we meet together every Tuesday night - have a chat, a cup of something, laugh together, study a chunk of the Bible, pray and then go our separate ways. Housegroup - for me the essential building block of the church. Intimacy, support, warmth - ye cannae beat it.

After a long or difficult day at work, it's sometimes hard to make the effort to go - and our group meets in our house! But it's always worth the effort. I may blog more about the significance of housegroups another time.

Tonight I want to briefly mention what I do after housegroup these days. We usually finish at about 10:00 p.m. and I head up to channel hop for half an hour before getting ready for bed etc. No channel hopping now though. It's straight to BBC2 to watch 'Later Live... with Jools Holland'. He presents a truly eclectic mix of music - some brilliant, some garbage. But fast becoming unmissable for me.

This week he introduced me to Melody Gardot - an outstanding young (22 I think) musician from Philadelphia. If you have access to the BBC's iPlayer - stop reading and go and watch it now...

... Are you still here??

If you don't have access you can find some of her stuff on YouTube. I've included a sample below. Enjoy!


lucy said...

people that can sing just blow my mind! singing has been one of those things i always dreamed i could do, but alas my "pipes" weren't any good at 22 much less several years later...thanks for introducing us to melody (an apt name, for sure!)

His Girl Friday said...

housegroups were always what I felt church should be like; that is where I've felt God the most, in prayer, worship and fellowship.

His Girl Friday said...

ps Excellent music, thanks for the link! :)

nonprofitprophet said...

hey i really enjoyed that!