Monday, 26 May 2008

Inspired - first tentative steps

I started to write an entry last week and interrupted myself... several days later I've remembered what I was going to write about.

A friend lent me a book a while back (which I will return soon), which really inspired me. It was called Doorposts by Timothy Botts. The basic idea is that he has taken passages of scripture and presented them as calligraphy. Now my talents are significantly less impressive, but it inspired me and I've made some tentative steps of my own (see below). It kind of links to my thoughts on Praying in Color and also Richard Rohr's idea of having a current mantra. Anyway I'm finding it quite useful and therapeutic and challenging and inspiring. I may show some of my further attempts in due course.

It's also prompted some thoughts about motivation, which I'll come back to later.


Anonymous said...

Your hand is lovely! i responded most to the first. Starting, interrupting, remembering later . . . i so get that!!!!

His Girl Friday said...

I think this is a great exercise...rather relaxing to 'get it flowing' (not to sound like a hippie) :)

nonprofitprophet said...

Hey ER! That is way cool!!!! I loved the first one. You should send me an autographed copy! ~npp

Tess said...

I'm very late to commenting on this. Meant to at the time but got sidetracked.
This is really interesting and visually powerful, a very challenging way of interpretation.