Thursday, 8 May 2008

Optimism and pessimism

I recently heard a phrase that seems to describe my mindset (most of the time). It was about being a ‘short-term pessimist and long-term optimist’.

The phrase came back to mind when Lins asked me a question over at That Hideous Man’s blog (are you keeping up with this?).

I think that there are many areas of life where ‘short-term pessimist and long-term optimist’ could be applied – but probably nowhere more than in the area of parenting. It’s the perfect description, especially during teenage years. At least that’s my experience to date, although I have to admit that the pessimist element often fails to materialise.


That Hideous Man said...

I wish I could develop a more optimistic outlook. I doubt I'll ever manage it though.

nonprofitprophet said...

I am optimistic that the worst will happen. So I guess that makes me a pessimistic optimist? ;) ~npp

His Girl Friday said...

Well, I'll join in with having a more negative view on things as expect something will go wrong, because otherwise it'll be too good to be true, so to speak. Drives my other half crazy with that.

Ugh, is this catching, cultural, or what??!! ;)

Lins Honeyman said...

I've learnt that negativity does no one no good no how - especially not myself. I'd rather be positive about something and be proved utterly wrong.

Endlessly restless said...

Thanks for your comments. I may return to the issue of optimism in another post.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Lins,
too true! As I said, I tend to be more of a realist, with neg tones, and sometimes cynical. But I don't like the cycle it produces so I'm working to find, or should I say recapture, a more positive outlook. (I wasn't always so 'cynical')

What I find, is...if I go about with a negative view, it's almost as if it becomes a 'self-fulfilling' prophecy, if you will.

One could get psycho-analytical with in, if you look for the negative, you will find it, or subconsciously even put events/things/words into play that will cause the negative to occur.

Staying positive, in a realisitic manner (I'm not saying head in the clouds, pink and fluffy kind of positive)...does make a difference and is definitely a choice sometimes (when it would be easier to say 'I don't care' etc.)

I welcome further posts on this! :)

Lins Honeyman said...

I agree with HGF. More posts on this please!