Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Lessons from Nelson Mandela #3

Third, last and - for me - the most important lesson from Playing the Enemy/Invictus/ the life of this amazing man.

Throughout the long years of his struggle he had one clear, overarching purpose. That's it! He used whatever strengths, talents, tactics, abilities he had available to achieve this one purpose. His grand vision never left him, although its strength may have dimmed at times when the world around him seemed hostile, bleak and dark. Yet he kept the spark alive, and poured his life in to fanning it into a country-changing fire.

How many of us can clearly articulate our purpose, let alone live it out, under all circumstances, every day of our life?


Joe Lafferty said...


interesting reflections - I haven't seen the movie yet.

Have you seen the Time interview with Mandela on his 8 lessons of leadership - you might get something out of it.



JanuskieZ said...

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