Sunday, 7 February 2010

That reminds me...

Anne over at Get Out of Jail Free posted an entry the other day that triggered two thoughts.

Firstly, it seems that the planned trip to Peru might be the start of the deep involvement that I was advocating in a recent post.

The second (more trivial) thought was about a recent conversation with some longstanding friends who go to our church.  Many years ago, I preached a sermon where I was encouraging the congregation to think about the areas that we were willing to get involved in.  (There's a bit of a recurring theme here.)  I concluded my talk with the question, 'When did you last have breakfast with a prostitute?'

Surprisingly, the sermon had stuck in the mind of their son, who was probably about 10 years old at the time.  Over lunch, he asked, 'Mum, you're a prostitute aren't you?'

When she had recovered her composure and her thought processes, the penny dropped with Mum, who replied to her son: 'I think you might mean PROTESTANT!'


lucy said...

oh i adore the "prostitute/protestant" story... i had a similar gulping moment when my very young daughter confused the words gynecologist & dermatologist. use your imagination :-)

Les (Endlessly Restless) said...

Lucy - The mind boggles!!

His Girl Friday said...

Oh MY!!!!