Sunday, 2 March 2008

The contemplative path

This week Pathways of Prayer moves on to the contemplative path.

"The contemplative tradition in Christian spirituality describes the steady gaze of the soul upon God."

So that's the objective for this week. It'll be intriguing to see how this develops during what passes for 'normal life'. Will I be able to focus sufficiently during the working week?

I'm comforted (again) by the bit of Heschel that I was reading today:

"God is not hiding in a temple."

So maybe I will be able to contemplate while at work.

Doodle's moved on a bit more.


His Girl Friday said...

I like the doodle, coming along just fine! :)
...I wonder sometimes if I don't pray more at work. When all's said and done, though, I try my best to 'pray as I go'. Maybe not the deep focused prayer, but enough to keep the 'line' open. :)

That Hideous Man said...

If work is what The Lord wants you to be consumed with at that moment - and giving your absolute all to - then doing so is at very least not in tension with prayer, and at best almost indistinguishable from it!

Josh said...

Pretty neat doodle ya got there. Keep up the great articles! God Bless