Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Eloquent cocoons #2

As I munched on my sandwich at lunchtime today, I was reading "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller, and came across the quotation below. It seemed to be an apt follow on from yesterday's entry - in more ways than one! The background is that Miller has gone to hear an author give a book reading.

"I wish I were the sort of person who liked everybody and everything. I have friends who can listen to any song, watch any movie, or read any book, and they think everything is just great. I truly envy people who can do that. I say all of this because, as the author finally started reading from his new book, I didn't like it at all. I fought my critical nature but couldn't help but compare his new stuff to the genius of his previous work. His words were vaporous and cliche, trendy and full of sales pitch. They weren't his words, they were words that sell, words that tickle ears and reach a specified demographic."

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