Monday, 31 March 2008

Where's the rewind button?

I spent a chunk of today trying to help out in a difficult family situation and seem to have managed to make things worse!

With the benefit of hindsight, I made the cardinal error of taking my standards and thought processes into a situation, believing confidently that this would help make everything better. Wrong! I'm sure there's a word for it. I remember it's - STOOPID!! (Actually there are lots of other words too, but I'm not a great believer in beating myself up.)

You know the old cliche about breaking eggs to make an omelette? Well, I'm pretty sure that the intention is for the liquid egg to end up in a receptacle - not on the floor, walls, ceiling and your own face!

I've learned a painful lesson. But there's no rewind button for life, so I need to focus on what to do next - with a bit more thought and careful preparation.

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His Girl Friday said...

thank you for your honesty, ER. Life's lessons aren't always the most comfortable, are they? Yet, the fact that you are willing to learn and grow from this, as well, as to even acknowledge it in the first place...I think that's great!
...Just don't be too hard on yourself! :)