Sunday, 9 March 2008

Pathways of prayer: The charismatic path

This week Pathways of Prayer moves on to the charismatic path.

Actually, that's not quite true. I seem to have got out of sync with the course. But that's OK, as I'm planning to keep going with the cycle of pathways beyond Lent.

So this week, I'm moving on to the charismatic path. But the word 'charismatic' seems to carry so many connotations/values, that I'm calling it the pathway of worship. (I've never been too great at following all of the rules all of the time!).

This pathway is summarised by St Augustine's prayer:

Lord you are great and greatly to be praised!
awaken us to delight in your praises,
for you made us for yourself,
and our hearts are restless
'till they find their rest in you.

The doodle had now reached its final state.

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His Girl Friday said...

" (I've never been too great at following all of the rules all of the time!)."

...ah, yes, I like that, and also guilty as charged!! (always better to ask forgiveness, than permission. ;D)

back to your post...I love the prayer, and plan to copy it down. I understand this restlessness.

Some times in prayer, I can be consumed/distracted with needs, etc that I forget the praise part, or skip over lightly. This is a good reminder to make Praise a focus, then it does seem all else falls into place, and the restlessness becomes more calm.