Saturday, 1 December 2007

AIDS and advent - sinful absence and puny efforts

What’s the connection between World AIDS day and the start of advent?

It’s not a riddle – but could the answer be realisation and hope?

I’d like to point out 4 articles for you to consider:

1 - Tearfund’s December reflection
2 - Reuters’ article about Kay Warren
3 -
BBC article on World Aids day – including George Bush’s attempts to double funding for combating the disease
4 -
British Red Cross campaign to raise awareness and understanding

Contrast the “sinful absence and puny efforts” that Kay Warren talks about with the joyous, hope-filled presence of advent and the supreme efforts that Christ made for us.


That Hideous Man said...

The Reuters link to the Warren piece isn't working at the moment....

Endlessly restless said...

Link should be fixed now

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