Monday, 10 December 2007

A coming Christ in Advent #2 addendum

I came across an article by Charles Colson which seems to resonate with some of my ramblings of yesterday. A few quotations, but it’d probably be better to read the whole article!

“Sometimes I think Jesus' announcement of the liberation of the Jewish people and the coming of God's kingdom is as misunderstood today as it was by the Jews of his time. Christ was bringing in the reign of God on earth; first, through his own ministry, and then by establishing a peaceful occupying force - his church - which would carry on God's redeeming work until Christ's return in power and glory and the kingdom's final triumph.”

“Preoccupied with self and distracted by affluence, many Christians try to confine the gospel to a superior form of therapy; they fail to see it as a cosmic plan of redemption in which they, as fallen creatures, are directly involved.”

“Christianity won't rise or fall on whether Wal-Mart employees can say "Merry Christmas." But its future does depend, in part, on how God's people advance God's kingdom, as we help establish his peaceful rule in the present historical moment, until Christ reigns in all his glory.”

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