Sunday, 16 December 2007

A coming Christ in Advent #3

The highlight of this morning’s church service was the new song from Lins Honeyman.

"The splendour of Christ in a bed of straw
Almighty God in human form"

The contrasts contained in the song got me thinking a bit.

What does the Creator of everything want from us? What are we expected to create?

My mind flicked to the Magnificat and the picture expressed by Mary of the Kingdom of God. It’s essentially a kingdom of justice. Given that we are charged with carrying the good news through all the world, does this mean that we are called to bring the values of the kingdom into reality – to create a just world?

I think so – but I’m challenged about my role and where to start. Once again, I’m drawn to Morningside’s Just Christmas.

To create a just world – do something, do it now, do it with all of your creativity, and do it expectantly!

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That Hideous Man said...

Yeah - Lins was in good form, wasn't he! Thanks for the link to Morningside's "Just Christmas" site... very good.