Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Dreams come true - a parable

Question - What do you do if you're a talented Aussie cricketer unable to train with your team as a result of disciplinary action?

Answer - You make your international debut!

In a "Roy of the Rovers" tale, Luke Pomersbach turned up to watch a cricket match as a paying spectator, and was parking his car when the Aussie manager phoned and asked him to play for his country. One of the team was injured (putting on his trousers!) and Luke was called up. I loved this story when I heard it first of all - in an interview he seemed totally gob-smacked and nervously excited. Later on I discovered why he was available on the day - and I liked his reaction:

"I've made a couple of bad decisions and I just want to play cricket," he said.
"I am so glad I have had a little taste at this level and it is the best day of my life."

By the way, he did play quite well (though he didn't score the winning goal - unlike Roy).

Driving around today (a lot), I was thinking about this and how it could be turned into a parable. It has lots of ingredients and several endings. Care to make a suggestion?

And when did Roy of the Rovers get a website?


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His post entitled "Advent 10"

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