Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Mirror Images #1

"In Mirror Images I want to look at people and how they reflect certain attitudes we have to life: how various individuals show characteristics that we all have a tendency to have. In our meeting with other people we often see images of our own reactions and attitudes. Sometimes this is a clear image and it helps us to see ourselves more clearly. Sometimes it is a distorted image that reaches down into our deepest fears. Then at other times we see a bright image that gives us for a moment a glimpse of the glory that is ours."

This is David Adam's stated intention in this book. He tells us about a birdwatcher and his love for creation; a young woman renewed through falling in love; a man who gave a simple but important service to God; an artist dealing with the desolation of a broken friednship ... But the stories in themselves don't matter - the point is what they tell us about ourselves and our relationship with God. So a couple of quotations - 'ouch' moments for me.

"We should remember that the earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it. God is not to be found only in church or in the study of books."

"We all need to discover on our journey through this world that the God whom we seek presents himself to us at every moment."

"The danger in some forms of religion is that they can be used as a protection from any real encounter with God."
I might unpack some of these in the coming weeks - if I can dare to look in the mirror again!

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