Saturday, 29 September 2007

Garden visitor

We had a visitor to our garden today. I think it's a hawker of some sort. We haven't seen any here (Perth, Scotland) before. All the more surprising since we had a sharp frost the other night.

Looking at it up close (the pink background is a towel that it landed on), it was truly amazing. It makes me realise how wonderful God's creation is - and therefore the responsibility placed on us to look after it.

If anyone knows anything about this amazing insect, I'd love to know more (but please remember that I'm not at all scientific).


That Hideous Man said...

Really good photo - the top one blows-up really well, incredible detail of the body and the upper wing. Did it sit for ages allowing you to get a good focused shot, or did you manage it in a few seconds?

It was thoughtful of it to pose on the pink towel for you!

Endlessly restless said...

This chap stayed perfectly still for ages. The only problem with taking the photo was the towel flapping in the breeze, making focussing a little bit tricky.

Still trying to pin down his identity!

I think that the pink was a perfect backdrop, clearly a discerning insect.

His Girl Friday said...

As to the identity of the said insect, I cannot help you (although I confess, I should know more as I've assisted my youngest for a school project on dragonflies in the past...we homeschool).
Interesting photo, all the same...although I agree about the pink! ;)