Monday, 10 September 2007

Mind clutter

I was thinking about the purpose of blogging over the weekend - or more accurately the addictive nature of it. Also, I realised that (for me) there's a tendency to get on a hobby horse and get a bit stuck. I guess that one side-effect of being passionate is the tendency to be obsessive about things. (Actually there's another blog in this - about intelligence and shadows.)

I came across a phrase that seemed to sum up my issues - 'mind clutter'. I like that, so I found myself wondering what the Scots version of this might be. 'Mind midden' came to mind, but I prefer 'psycho stoor' - you know, the stuff that gets in the way of your thinking.

So I think that I need to be more aware of what's happening in 'ma heid', and driving home tonight, I heard Tim Hughes (the worship leader guy) talking about a way that he keeps himself balanced. Once a week he reflects on these 5 areas:

- What's been the highlight(s) of the week?
- What have been the low points?
- What’s the key lessons that I've learned?
- Action point - to help you develop
- Warning - be aware of attitude, situation, balance of life etc.

I might try this out - and see what happens through this blog! Feel free to pass judgement and comment!

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