Sunday, 30 September 2007

Out of the storm

I recently read this book by Derek Wilson, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wilson presents Luther as a passionate individual, who sometimes finds trouble by sticking rigidly to his position. (Naturally, this appeals to me.)

It’s over 20 years since I read Bainton’s ‘Here I stand’, so comparisons are difficult. But my impression from reading Wilson is that there is less of a heroic emphasis on Luther. While Wilson clearly admires him, he does show Luther in unfavourable light at certain times.

“We must feel the force of his passion because, if we do not, we have not got close to the real man.”

For me, it felt like Wilson was close to capturing the real man.

I particularly enjoyed the final section of the book when the author assesses the impact of Luther over the intervening centuries, up to our times. It is a fascinating analysis and well worth reading.

Reflecting on the book – from a personal perspective – maybe I need to be more aware of the possible consequences of ‘taking a stand’, and learn to pick my battles more carefully. It’s not about avoiding defeat, so much as being sure that winning is worth the cost.

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nonprofitprophet said...

Luther is a great figure in Christendom and is someone that I greatly admire as well. There is an excellent DVD movie titled "Luther" and I would highly recommend its viewing if you have not. ~npp