Wednesday, 19 September 2007

sportsmanship par excellence

I used to play football with a guy who occasionally infuriated my team-mates, but always made me smile. He never claimed a corner if he knew it wasn't, he frequently conceded debatable throw-ins to the opposition - not out of generosity but out of honesty. But he never shirked a tackle or played 'soft' - he was just principled and honest. (He was - and as far as I know is - a Christian who went into chaplaincy, I think.)

Anyway I was reminded of Honest Ewan's sportsmanship - and integrity - when I heard about a football match played last night.

Short version of long story - the match between Nottingham Forest and Leicester was abandoned (voluntarily by Forest) when one of the Leicester players had a heart attack. Forest were leading 1-0 at the time.
The re-arranged match was played last night - and Leicester allowed the Forest goalie to score straight from the kick-off, to restore the 1-0 lead. I think that this is a brilliant display of sportsmanship, and it fair warmed the cockles of my heart.

Check out the story over at the BBC website.

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