Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Life saver

15 nanometres!

I've got no idea what a nanometre is - other than it's very, very, very small. Smaller than an extremely small thing. Tinier than tiny. Think teeny weeny, then half it...

Anyway, I heard about this on the radio this evening (yes, Radio 2) - it's a bottle that filters and purifies water. Unlike other versions, this one has an improved filter (15 nanometres). This means that it will filter out bacteria (200 nanometres) and viruses (25 nanometres). It works with any fresh water and doesn't use chemicals. More details over at Life saver bottle.

The guy who is responsible for this was inspired when thinking about the Boxing Day tsunami and Hurricane Katrina - and he did something about it.

It costs £195 and can be used for up to 6,000 litres of water - how does that compare to a bottle of Evian??

It's perfect for emergency relief situations - brilliant!

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