Thursday, 24 January 2008

Ayrshire connections

(Not George Burley - from Cumnock - although I think he'll be a decent manager for Scotland!)

Tomorrow is Burns Night and I'll be wading up to my be-kilted knees in haggis and tartan at a Burns Supper. The austere side of me (there's another side? - I hear you say) doesn't really approve of Burns Suppers. I don't think Burns would have done all that tartan stuff, however, it's a charity fund-raiser and an 'obligation' thing from work. So I'll go and have a good time (I hope!).

Anyway, I love Burns. Like me he's an Ayrshire lad. I have always found his poetry evocative and moving and full of passion. He did us a great favour, in my opinion, by collating and saving hundreds of traditional songs.

In recent times, Eddi Reader has recorded a lot of Burns songs, and I have really enjoyed her approach. She was brought up in the same town as me, so I guess that she 'gets' Burns as well. The video below is Eddi singing 'Ae Fond Kiss'.

Why 'Ae Fond Kiss'? Well, it's a fine song, which she sings well. But there's another Ayrshire connection for me. The song is about the ending of one of Burns' affairs, with a woman named Nancy. That's my mum's name, so this one's for my mum.


Lins Honeyman said...

I'm at a works conference tomorrow night - in a kilt! Here's hoping there'll be a wee hint of Burns in the after dinner entertainment.

Or, at the very least, some haggis.

His Girl Friday said...

I've yet to be to a dinner; yes, they do have them here, and I've heard they range from traditional to anything goes, depending on the group hosting ;)

I agree, Burns would have thought the tartan odd, but I think overall, it's a great way to express your heritage. (just my twa pence)